Licensing & Transactions

Our firm has expertise in a wide range of IP Transactions. We have negotiated, drafted, and enforced licensing agreements and assignments on behalf of our clients. We can author licensing agreements that are suitable to your particular needs, while securing you the highest royalties possible. We also have entered assignment negotiations on behalf of both domestic and international clients.

The difference between a licensing agreement and an assignment is that by assigning the patent rights to another party, you are transferring legal title to that patent. A licensing agreement typically entails royalty payments based upon a percentage of sales. An assignment usually refers to selling the patent rights for one lump sum, but may also include royalties. The advantage of licensing is that you still retain ownership of the patent.

In addition, we have offered counseling on litigation settlements involving licensing, construed complex IP agreements and helped to develop IP portfolios for our clients. The full spectrum of our expertise ranges from traditional patent, copyright, trademark license agreements to acquisition, distribution, and outsourcing agreements for clients in the United States and abroad.